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As Las Vegas Chiropractors our primary focus is to restore your health and help you live pain free. We utilize the most innovative and advanced non-surgical technologies available, including SpineMed a non-surgical spinal decompression therapy.

Whether you suffered a personal injury, have a herniated disc, facet syndrome, or spinal stenosis, we are prepared to resolve your condition and help with pain management. Our main form of adjusting is with the use of the Pro-Adjuster. The adjustments are specific and gentle. We also use other forms of adjusting at the patients request or when we feel it will be of benefit to you. Those techniques include, palmer package, diversified, Toftness, Gonstead and Thompson.

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    • Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
    • Pro Adjuster
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    • Therapeutic Ultrasound
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    • Cold Laser Therapy
    • Therapeutic Massage
    • Neuro Muscular Exercises
    • Therapeutic Exercises
    • State of The Art EMR

Dr. Jared L. Norman, D.C.
Dr. Jared L. Norman, D.C.
Clinic Director
I hear people say that their pain is normal all the time. They say that it is “normal for them”. This is just not true. Pain is not normal, and you don’t have to live with it. I love to hear patients tell me how much they are improving.

For example, one man explained to me that he can go dancing with his wife again, another man said he can play basketball again, one woman said that she is able to get out of the house and run her own errands. These people are getting their lives back without the use of drugs or surgery. Unfortunately we cannot help everyone. If you would like to know if you can get your life back, just give us a call and schedule your free consultation to find out if our treatments are right for you.


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Dr. Jared L. Norman, D.C.
Dr. Jared L. Norman, D.C.
To learn more about Dr. Norman visit the “Meet The Doctors” page under About menu. Or click the globe below.
Dr. Shawn Larkin, D.C.
Dr. Shawn Larkin, D.C.
To learn more about Dr. Larkin visit the “Meet The Doctors” page under About menu. Or click the globe below.
I have been with Nevada Spine & Disc for over 7 years. I am currently certified as a Coding Associate and Chiropractic Assistant. I am here to answer all of your billing, insurance and treatment option questions. I am one of the first smiling faces you see when you come into the clinic.
I have been with Nevada Spine & Disc since 2015. I graduated from Milan Institute as a Medical Assistant in May 2013. I am here to assist you with scheduling and answer questions about billing or insurance. On my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I am here to provide you with the best customer service during your visit to our clinic.

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